If you are looking for success, fame, popularity or recognition, try adding a horse painting to your decor. Those are the types of luck that the representation of a horse brings according to Feng Shui. The horse is a sign in the Chinese zodiac and is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, so its symbolic power is very strong.
Displaying the Horse
You may display the horse painting so that the horses seem to be galloping into the room or office. This will bring the good luck into the right place, especially if that doorway or window is on the south wall. A horse painting can remind you of the horse’s strength and beauty, and inspire you to work like a horse to achieve your dreams, even if you don’t believe in good luck charms.  Maybe that’s the best kind of good luck charm.

The Power of the Horse
Horse are beautiful, strong, fast and perseverant animals. These are all good traits, bringing only good recognition and fame. When you see a horse in a parade or on television, your attention is fixed on the beautiful animal. You admire its elegance and appreciate its accomplishments. In the same way, a horse painting bestows those traits on the person whose room displays one. The fame and recognition doesn’t have to be the type sought by movie stars or musicians, although the horse symbol can bring that too. A horse painting can also bring everyday recognition from a teacher or boss.


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