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A growing appreciation for Art amongst Millennials

Singapore's most powerful consumers, the youth,  are informed and driven for financial success more than any other generation. Through everything ranging from Gourmet Coffee to beach holidays, millennials like to call it affordable luxury. 
Affordable art, as it turns out, tends to be synonymous with their tastes, personalities, and beliefs. So much so that they consider this spending as an investment and not an expenditure.
In a city like Singapore where many different cultures thrive and speak differently to the buyer, looking for the right piece for your home or office can get difficult. Well-connected to the rest of the world, Singapore also enjoys the privilege of hosting many able artists from different countries.
While some people prefer to meet artists during live events/exhibitions before making a purchase, some others simply walk into the gallery and catch the perfect piece or order online.
Art is an experience of the senses. It is enhanced when you have options and when you…

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