Art Leasing Programme Launched

After months of planning, Livingwithart Singapore has finally launched our Art Leasing Programme.  This programme answer needs to acquire fine artwork to decorate your living and working spaces while easing the strain on your working capital.

Instead of owning the artwork, you can lease the artwork, without the need to own it long term. This allows you to avoid the maintenance and conservation responsibilities. The artworks are leased in weekly, monthly, 3 month, or 6 month bundles. At the end of the lease period, you can choose to purchase the artwork, or the artwork can be returned, and new artwork may be chosen to replace it. As an added value we are happy to install the artwork, or you can install it with our instructions. Both, theft and damage insurance, during transit, are the responsibility of the lessor. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the lessee. Once the artwork(s) have been installed, the lessee will add a rider to his/her insurance policy, covering the value of the artwork(s) for the duration of the lease/rental agreement.

Since we launched this programme, we had enquiries from restaurants and corporates with our first sign up within the first 5 days.


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