The Eight immortals

Our artist spent 2 weeks to complete this beautiful painting of the eight immortals.  The Eight immortals from Chinese folklore worked together to eventually cross the extremely rough Eastern Sea, with turbulent waves. Lü Dongbin proposes that each immortal cross the sea through his or her special skills by projecting something onto the sea surface. So, Iron Crutch Li throws his instrument-the crutch (or "bottle gourd" in other versions of the story); Han Zhongli hurls his palm-leaf fan; Elder Zhangguo puts his "paper donkey" into the sea and other immortals all cast their own instruments.

This story is used to symbolize overcoming difficulties or doing something marvelous through someone's special skills.  This painting can be hung in places that require and encourage teamwork such as offices, project site offices, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, military organisation etc.


  1. Hey, the eight immortals looks so realistic! Nice...


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