Art Installation of a Huge Painting

We love this project we did for our customer who live in the west of Singapore.  He likes Celtic Art as he comes from Ireland.  
We had a few rounds of discussion about the type of Celtic Art and the colour scheme that will fit and finally decided on this beautiful grand piece.  Next we explored the biggest size of the canvas and proportion that will suit the living room and the chandelier.
On the day of the installation, we catered for special transport to bring in the huge 2.65 x 2.5m painting mounted on a specially wrapped container.

Before we install the painting, we clear the space below where it is to be installed.  Furniture were moved aside carefully.  Then we erected the scaldfolding on a layer of curtain that we spread on the floor.

The painting is then carefully unwrapped and hoisted up onto the wall that was prepared with brackets.  The painting is being installed onto the wall with brackets and screws to support the weight of it.

Next, we touch up the parts of the paintings that have screws on it and give the top part a good wipe.

After the painting was hung up. The floor was mopped clean and the furniture were being put back to original positions.

And the final outcome is a masterpiece.  The owner love it so much that he insured it.


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